5 Ultra Cool Matrix Sunglasses

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Why are Matrix sunglasses so popular?

How did the matrix sunglasses worn in the film the Matrix rise to popularity? The 1999 film “The Matrix” took the country by storm with its flashy special effects and ultra-cool characters and stars. Starring screen hunk Keanu Reeves, the Matrix sunglasses popularized in this sci-fi thriller soon rose to the status of mega trend. Why did this look become such a fad overnight? Maybe it’s because guys and gals alike all aspire to look like superheroes and espionage icons. Whether it’s a pair of Matrix sunglasses or Matrix Reloaded sunglasses (the styles made famous in the film’s successful sequel), donning a pair of these hip shades will definitely make you stand out in the crowd this summer.

Want to get the look of a Matrix character? Pairing these dark framed sunglasses with an all black ensemble will make you look like the most mysterious guy or gal in the room. Try them with a lightweight leather or pleather coat for the look of an international spy. If you’re not ready to go full-on Matrix, these stunning shades will also add a little air of mystery to your casual look as well.

Are the Morpheus Sunglasses superior to other Matrix inspired styles?

Should I choose the Morpheus Sunglasses instead of the alternative looks?

Most of the sunglasses inspired by the film The Matrix have regular frames that sit comfortably on top of your ears. The super hot Matrix Morpheus Sunglasses, however, are an incredibly unique style of sunglass that is certainly an original. These shades are rimless, as in they do not have stems that sit on top of your ear. They consist of just two lenses for each eye and a connecting bar that fits snugly but comfortable on the roof of your nose.

These Matrix Morpheus sunglasses aren’t necessarily better than the Matrix sunglasses, but they are definitely eye catching and unique. Imagine the looks on people’s faces when they catch a glimpse of your new cool shades, and then do a double take when they realize that your Matrix sunglasses have the appearance of simply floating on your face! Don’t worry about losing your Morpheus sunglasses due to their unique shape and build – they stay on with ease, despite how they may appear.

Do I need to have super kung-fu skills to sport a pair of Neo Sunglases?

Can the everyman pull off the look of Neo Sunglasses?

matrix sunglassesIn The Matrix, the character of Neo appealed to men across the country. Who wouldn’t want to be a cool and mysterious cyber hacker who also happens to have kung-fu and martial art skills? Capture the futuristic look of this legendary thriller film character by investing in a pair of Neo sunglasses. These thin dark slate framed sunglasses have dark lenses that are shaped like an elongated horizontal tear, and Neo sunglasses are definitely instantly recognizable and identifiable with the Matrix.

Don’t have the money to spend on the expensive variations of the Neo sunglasses? Unless you have access to the originals used in the film (if you do, I would suggest selling them quick!), it’s best to purchase a pair of imposter Neo sunglasses. Sturdy and unrecognizable as fake, these inexpensive alternatives to pricier options will give you that super spy look at a super cheap price.

Can the Twins Sunglasses also be a trendy beach look?

Can my new Twins Sunglasses see me from work time to beach time?

The twins matrix sunglassesThe Twins sunglasses worn in the film The Matrix are definitely a statement. These dark framed sunglasses have rectangular shaped long dark lenses that can make even the nicest guy look like a dangerous super villain. This daring trend was made popular by the fictional Twins, the albino dreadlocked identical twins who chased Neo down while sporting metallic flashy white suits. But will this cyberpunk villain look carry over well to the beach?

A pair of imposter Twins sunglasses will definitely make a splash at beach parties and long days in the sun. Just because they were originated by a pair of silver screen bad guys doesn’t mean that these dark lens sunglasses won’t make a splash when paired with a swimsuit. Since they are dark lens and lightweight framed, they will also provide great UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays without weighing you down or holding you back. Would anyone care for a puff of a hookah pipe?

Can a woman pull off the look of Matrix Agent Sunglasses?

Is the Agent Sunglasses look alright for girls and women?

The super tough and villainous Agents in The Matrix relentlessly chased Neo. The ultimate cinematic bad guys, their dark and trendy metal framed Agent Sunglasses were definitely a look that appealed to all types of guys. But can women don a pair of Agent Sunglasses to achieve a tough spy girl look? The answer is a definite yes. If you want that tough biker chick girl look without dropping mega dollars, try investing in a pair of imposter Agent sunglasses.

Pair your Agent sunglasses with an all black form fitting ensemble for a kung fu girl vigilante look, or try a dark black or gray skirt suit to achieve a tough corporate girl look. Have a boyfriend or husband? If your purchasing an inexpensive pair of imposter Agent sunglasses, then you can afford to buy him a complimentary pair as well. Why just be tough and sleek by yourself when you can be an eye catching mysterious duo? Take a risk by wearing these shades together during late afternoon outings, and you’ll definitely be the center of attention no matter where you go.

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