Big Sunglasses Shopping Tips

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Should I jump on the trend of big sunglasses?

Is the big sunglasses craze right for me?

Why is it that everyone wants to look like Jackie Kennedy again? The old rule of history repeating itself is definitely true when it comes to fashion. The look is as hot as it ever was, with stars like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie scooping up as many pairs of these super cute shades that their skinny arms can hold. When what was old is now new again, you’re not alone if you want to jump on this hot trend. If the starlets can flaunt this look, then you can too!

There are some things to keep in mind when you are shopping for your own pair of fabulous shades. You don’t necessarily have to match your frames to your outfits or accessories, but make sure they don’t clash. Blue frames with a black dress or top is a big fashion faux pas to avoid – it creates the look of pasty skin when you’re probably trying to evoke the look of a summertime tan. Also, only buy as big of frames as you think you will feel comfortable in, even if your favorite stars are buying them in a bigger-than-life size. Remember, if you aren’t confident in your look, people around you will notice.

Do I have to pony up a lot of dough to own a pair of big sunglasses?

Help! I want this hot new look but don’t have the money!

cool big sunglasses

These days, every woman wants to sport a pair of big sunglasses. But not all of us have a thousand dollars to drop on a pair of Gucci or Emilio Pucci shades. So what is a girl to do? A pair of imposters can be the answer for a woman who wants the expensive look without the expensive price. As a matter of fact, even some celebrities have been seen picking up fakes. Britney Spears has been known to drop in at the “buy one get one free” sunglass stands that clutter the beach in the summertime. A bargain is a bargain, no matter how many millions of dollars you received from your last endorsement deal.

But you don’t want your cheap sunglasses to look cheap. Even if you are picking up a pair of imposters, remember that quality is key. Stick to reputable web retailers like ImposterCity to ensure that your fabulous fakes are indeed fabulous. For a little extra flair, invest in a pair that have fun embellishments like sequins, rhinestones, or multi-toned frames. Fun colors like pink and aqua will also make your whole look pop.

How do I capture the look of vintage sunglasses?

What can I coordinate with my new shades to get the retro look?

The look of vintage big sunglasses is a timeless one that was frequently seen on old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Nothing says style like capturing the style of these retro starlets – like a fine wine, their classic ensembles and accessories only get better with age. Vintage and consignment shops are great, but many of the styles of sunglasses on the market today are designed to intentionally look like they were pulled directly from the nineteen fifties or sixties “Vogue” magazine shoot.

If you have just invested in a great pair of retro big sunglasses, you want to coordinate your outfit and accessories around them to really get that old Hollywood look. Fun summer dresses in solid colors are a great way to get the look. Remember those vintage starlets never wore loose or flowing dresses, but stuck to form-fitting numbers that accentuated their traffic-stopping hourglass curves. Accessories like large belts and bracelets drew attention to these beauties, and it’s best to complete the look in a pair of solid high heels in black or white. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, anyone?

Do oversized women’s sunglasses make a great gift?

Should I give that special lady a pair of oversized sunglasses?

Oversized women’s sunglasses are a craze that seems to never go out of style. Whether the special gal in your life is dodging the flashes of the paparazzi or just hoofing it to her job Monday morning, she will love a pair of oversized shades to get her through her sunny days. If she is a girly girl, then she will love a pair of feminine colors like pink or red. Consider purchasing a pair of these glamorous shades along with a matching lip color, which will allow her to really look like a movie star.

Does your gal aspire to look like a punk rock star rather than a Hollywood starlet? Still consider these great oversized shades as a gift, as rocker girls like Ashlee Simpson have also made this craze their own. Nothing says seventies rock star as a pair of large, white-framed sunglasses with dark lenses. Indeed, even male vintage rock stars like Elton John used to rock this look. Shopping for a guy who likes to make a big splash with his ensembles? He may like a pair of oversized sunglasses if he’s trying to make an edgy statement.

Are big square sunglasses going to go out of style?

Will big square sunglasses continue to be a happening trend?

Although many classic style icons sported sunglasses in big, circular, or oval varieties, many iconic fashion legends also used big square sunglasses to make a statement. The square look is far more eye-catching than the oval trend, as it is a little edgier and flashier. Rocker and party girls love this fun trend – some have even been known to take this craze indoors! It’s a bold move if you want to try this at your favorite café or nightclub, just make sure you don’t bump into any furniture!

Big square sunglasses will definitely be a rocking trend that sticks around. To achieve the “lead singer” look, try matching a pair of skinny jeans, a retro band tee, and a large belt with your big square shades. If you’re going to take this craze to the beach, a vintage patterned sundress a la Gwen Stefani will turn you into a regular waterfront rock star. Blondes especially should try square frames, as it will draw attention to your already flashy and eye-catching hair. Light-haired girls should try wearing a pair of large square frames with red lipstick on days they want to look like a diva with minimal effort.

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