Dazzling Celebrity Sunglasses buying tips

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How can I get Kim Kardashian’s glitzy look on a minimal budget?

Celebrity Sunglasses buying tips. Is Kim Kardashian’s socialite sunglass look out of an ordinary girl’s reach?

Whatever or wherever Kim Kardashian does or goes, the whole world is definitely watching. She’s become a model, actress, singer, reality show superstar, and much gossiped about party girl. Even naming the many hats this girl wears is exhausting, so it’s a wonder that she can do it all in a day. Whether shopping on Rodeo Drive or partying on a yacht in Ibiza, Kim is always seen in her now-infamous oversized shades.

To get Kim’s glamorous look without dropping big bucks, try investing in a pair of imposter celebrity sunglasses. This way, you can get the look for an itsy bitsy fraction of what Kim pays. Be bicoastal like Kim and invest in a pair of summery white large framed sunglasses that are all the rage in Los Angeles, and a pair of dark-framed smaller shades that are seen on all fantastic New York fashionistas. Remember that Kim is never seen in the same outfit twice, so be like the socialite and invest in multiple pairs of sunglasses. Since you’re buying imposters anyways, you’ll have plenty of change left over from your first pair to buy many, many more!

How can I get Jennifer Lopez’s casual sunglass look?

What can I do to achieve Jennifer Lopez’s down-to-earth summertime look?

celebrity sunglasses buying tips guessJennifer Lopez may be a famous actress and ridiculously talented vocalist, but the thing we love most about her is how normal and down-to-earth she seemed on her reality show. But even when she was spotted hanging out in her backyard pool or on a low-key day out, she was always seen in some of the hottest that money could buy. Almost all starlets wear shades to block the flashing lights of the camera when they are in their glamorous red carpet wardrobe, but Jessica makes casual sunglass looks seem cool.

To get Jennifer Lopez’s celebrity-next-door look, try investing in a pair of very basic shades in simple colors like white or red. Plastic frames will make tossing them into your purse an easy task, and will also be much safer when you are hanging out by the pool, a favorite pastime of this Texas-born diva. Coordinate your simple plastic frames with jeans and flip-flops, but add a little glitz buy sporting a trendy halter or tank top, and do like Jessica by using a lightweight silk scarf to complete the look.

 Celebrity Sunglasses buying tips: How has Britney Spears’ sunglass style evolved?

Why had Britney Spears’ sunglass style changed throughout the years?

Britney Spears is an iconic living legend in the world of pop music. Famous at seventeen, her debut hit single “…Baby One More Time” had us all up out of our seats dancing, and we haven’t stopped bumping and grinding to her sexy and scandalous records. Early in her career, Britney had an innocent girl next door look that she would accentuate with pairs of pink or studded sunglasses, mixed with simple girly outfits like denim mini skirts or pastel-colored tanks.

However, Britney’s career and look have definitely taken a major turn in the past five years. After a brief marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline that ended in a nasty custody battle over the couple’s two children Sean and Jayden, Britney began to not care about her appearance and utilized sunglasses as a way to cover up her no make-up and bloodshot eyed appearance. Avoid Britney’s mistakes by never using your hot shades as a way to cover up blotchy skin or tired eyes. Rather, be like the Brit of yesteryear and simply use a pair of fabulous sunglasses to accentuate an already fabulous ensemble and appearance.

What sort of sunglasses should I wear to get Pamela Anderson’s look?

How can I achieve the sunglass look of Pamela Anderson?

Pamela Anderson is our generation’s, Marilyn Monroe. Glamorous and flashy, this blonde superstar is never seen in anything but the most stylish outfits and accessories. Launched to superstardom by her hit show “Baywatch”, nothing quite says beachside elegance and style like Pamela. Try a pair of wrap-around metallic shades made popular by designer Christian Dior (a favorite of Pamela’s) matched with a simple red or black bikini to get Pamela’s glitzy beach look. Daring enough to sport a pair of high heels on the sand? Pamela has often been seen sporting this bold look.

Pamela has also been seen at nightclubs and events sporting a very biker-inspired look. Do like Pamela and be a girl of mystery in a pair of black-framed sunglasses that have lenses as dark as night. But if you are going to flaunt this tough girl chic ensemble, remember to wear only pleather and faux leather if you want to be like Pamela. The “V.I.P” starlet is a die-hard animal activist and PETA member who frequently speaks out against the use of animal skins for fashion. This mega hot beauty thinks that cruelty is never in style.

What sort of shades will make me divalicious like Jennifer Lopez?

How can I capture that J-Lo glamour with my sunglasses?

celebrity sunglasses buying tips Jeniffer lopezWho do you instantly think of when I say, diva? Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, there is a good chance that the answer to this question is Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer, or “J-Lo” as she has been nicknamed, is a style legend who mixes up New York City glamour and Miami sex appeal to create a divalicious look all her own. As she is followed by the paparazzi constantly, J-Lo is always sporting the latest pair of trendy oversized sunglasses to block the bright camera bulbs.

Be like the diva Latina and sport a pair of shades that are complimented by glitter or rhinestones. Never one to stick to just one style, J-Lo also keeps it real by sported light and clear framed sunglasses that accentuate her glowing olive-toned skin. Try coordinating the color of your sunglasses’ frames with your handbag and shoes to get that million-dollar movie star look that Jennifer Lopez is known for. Not a fan of over-the-top styles but still want to be just an itsy-bitsy Jennifer-esque? Try just a few sequins along the stem of your shades to get the look without veering into full-on diva territory.

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