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The Sunglasses Trademarks of Some Famous Celebrity in Hollywood

The popularity of celebrity sunglasses today originated from two sources: Hollywood and World War II. Early Hollywood stars wore sunglasses for protecting their eyes from the harsh lightings of early movie studios. Many soldiers during the Second World War wore sunglasses for protecting themselves from explosion flashes. When photos of these people wearing sunglasses reached the mass audience, the fashion craze for sunglasses was born.

The popularity of specific types of sunglasses began when an admirable person or a certain celebrity starts wearing them. Thereafter, it rises to fame.

Celebrities and Their Sunglasses Trademarks

In the 1950s, James Dean popularized Ray-bans also called wayfarers. Women became obsessed with very huge sunglasses known as Onassis sunglasses. They considered it as a real fashion statement. These sunglasses are named after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the wife of President Kennedy of the United States of America. In the 1960s, John Lennon wore sunglasses that were wire-rimmed to conceal his red eyes caused by drug use. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) officers use reflective cop sunglasses. Every type of these sunglasses became fashionable since the wearers were considered cool.

celebrity sunglasses

Summer is the time where you can spot the fashion trends of most celebrities. Every year, celebrities are forefronts of eyewear fashions. In fact, monitoring the latest fashion of some celebrities is the favorite pastime of some enthusiasts out there.

One of the most fashionable women in the entertainment industry is Carmen Electra. She is famous for her reality TV show. But what makes others envied her is the pair of Missoni shades she is currently wearing. These are oversized sunglasses but look so glamorous.

She appeared to be an old-fashioned one. But her sense of fashion is not outdated. It is like a fresh spring breeze. Catherine Zeta-Jones wears Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. The designs were very unique, not ever seen before. The model is really astounding and glamorous that many women could not help but stand and awe and try to mimic her style. The sunglasses are bold, big, and beautiful. The colors are entirely black with the designed D&G logo in its arms.

Rihanna Celebrity Sunglasses

Rihanna, a woman with an incredible sense of fashion, a party girl, and one of the favorite models in the industry. She wore Aviator shades although lots of people are lamenting about its prevalence in the industry of fashion. But some people couldn’t live without aviator shades. She also wears Ray-Ban sunglasses that are absolutely fabulous.

When talking about party girls, never forget to mention Paris Hilton. Some people do not consider her as a serious singer or actress, but in the world of fashion, she definitely reigns over. Recently, she was spotted wearing the new pair of women’s Oakley sunglasses after Oakley launched their latest lines of sunglasses exclusive for women.

Oversized sunglasses became the most popular and largest trend in the fashion world ever since. These sunglasses do not anymore represent people who live in the past but denote the styles of 21st-century women. These accessories of the 1970s were made popular by some Hollywood celebrities. It is because they choose to conceal their aura from the oversized lenses. Some of the famous females in Hollywood preferred huge sunglasses.

Nicole Richie is among the most popular stars who wear oversized sunglasses. Her face is smaller than the average size. So, her face appears even smaller because of huge sunglasses. In fact, she continuously wears the biggest sunglasses ever seen in Hollywood before.

Jessica Simpson looks really hot when wearing her designer sunglasses. And she chooses oversized sunglasses for concealing her face. Her brands include Aviators, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Mary-Kate Olsen has been in the industry for many years. But what made her really famous is wearing oversized sunglasses and believed to take over her persona. Her choices of accessories are always revealed in her appearances or movies. She preferred the styles of Fendi and Chanel sunglasses.

Each celebrity knows the true value of sunglasses made by famous designers all over the world. Regardless of their reasons, such as hiding the effects of their late-night shows or partying out of town, or to blend with the latest craze on the streets, quality sunglasses is definitely indispensable for them. Trends may come and go but great pairs of sunglasses will never be.

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