What is the spectacular history behind aviator sunglasses?

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The origins of aviator sunglasses.

A pair of aviator sunglasses are a fashion statement that will never go out of style, nor does there seem to be a time where these hip sunglasses were a big part of Americana and American culture. But what are the origins of this bold style? Were they really originated and made popular by pilots as their namesake would suggest?

Aviator sunglasses were first sold in 1937 by Ray-Ban, and the design was based on what United States Air Force and Navy personnel were wearing at the time. Many people wrongly believe that these pilots needed the sunglasses to prevent getting a glare in their eyes during flying, but in all actuality, pilots did not wear sunglasses during missions. Ultimately, these soldiers and military personnel just liked aviator shades for the same reasons that the rest of us do – they’re stylish!

Another reason that this trendy statement had American pilots fired up was for the fact that the dual bars between the eyes allowed them a handy and convenient place to stash a cigarette, and also because it allowed them to get an even tan while still protecting their eyes for flights and missions.

Do my aviator sunglasses have to be Ray-Bans to achieve this hip look?

Should my aviator sunglasses be authentic Ray-Bans?

Ray Ban may be the inventor and originator of aviator sunglasses, but they are no longer the only option for someone who wants to invest in a pair. Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are an original, but they can be extremely pricey and sometimes hard to find in smaller towns. So what are you to do if you want to achieve this hip look but lack the money and resources? Investing in a pair of imposters is your best bet.

cool aviator sunglassesTo find the pair of imposter shades that best suit your needs and interests, it’s best to seek out a pair that have a strong, eye-catching (no pun intended!) frame and dark lenses. If you want to achieve the original military look that was popularized in the nineteen forties, then definitely go for a gold bar with black lenses, and remember that the larger the better if you’re trying to go retro. If you’re trying to land a more modern look, stick to smaller pairs with darker, subtler bars instead of flashy gold frames.

What should I consider when shopping for cheap aviator sunglasses?

Anything to think about when in the market for inexpensive aviator shades?

We all love to capture the look of our favorite stars and starlets, but let’s face it – most of us aren’t making movie star money! Buying cheap aviator sunglasses is the best way to get Hollywood to look if you don’t have a Hollywood income. Plus, buying imposters or discounted shades allows you the luxury to purchase multiple pairs, so that you can change your look as often as you change your mind. Did you know that aviator sunglasses come in different colored frames and styles? Low-priced designer alternatives allow you to try them all!

Remember that the quality of most fake options are just as good as their designer counterparts. Capturing the look of Prada or Ray-Ban on a small budget without sacrificing quality is certainly a possibility. Plus, keep in mind that most of the designer versions only sport their logo or signature on the inside of the frame. If you’re wearing your imposter aviators on the beach all day, no one will ever know that they aren’t the real deal. All they will know is that you look like a rock star!

What are the advantages of mirrored aviator sunglasses?

Should my aviator sunglasses be of the mirrored variety?

Aviator sunglasses are a flashy and retro statement to make this summer. If you want to capture the look made popular by the police on television’s “CHIPS” and the pilots in “Top Gun”, go for a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses. These dark lens sunglasses have a reflective surface that blocks out your eyes and captures the reflection of the person or object across from you. This look has become a cult favorite, especially among men, as it evokes memories of seventies police officers and silver screen legends.

Women can pull off this hip retro look as well. Sarah Jessica Parker often sported a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses on her hit show “Sex and the City”. By pairing these stylish shades with a sleek and modern cocktail dress and big, party girl hair, she achieved a look that combined modern designer duds with the whimsical vintage styles of yesteryear.

Think you don’t have the dough to replicate the look? Never fear. Emmy Award-winning customer Patricia Field often found Parker’s accessories and ensembles at local second-hand and consignment shops, not just exclusively at pricey boutiques.

Why are vintage aviator sunglasses so popular amongst socialites and starlets?

How did vintage aviator sunglasses become a hot new fad again?

aviator sunglasses, but silver screen super vixens and femme fatales loved them as well! Today, women love to experiment with the looks and styles of the sixties and seventies fashion icons as much as they love a good day at the spa. The look of vintage aviator sunglasses is a statement that can turn any ordinary girl into a swinging sixties playgirl as quickly as she can put them on. But scouring vintage stores and consignment shops can be a daunting task. Did you know that there are second-hand boutiques in New York and Los Angeles that charge hundreds of dollars for their goods? A pair of sunglasses can cost more than a brand new dress at a modern store!

If the prices at retro shops have you feeling like you’ll never achieve this look, never fear. Imposter shades can have the same look and feel as vintage originals without the triple number price tag. If you want to achieve a vintage look, stick to shades with dark or deep brown lenses and metallic frames in shades of color or gold. Avoid colored plastic or light lenses if the old-fashioned look is what you’re going for, and always remember to pair your shades with a modern ensemble to avoid the “costume party” appearance.

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