Tips on how to avoid Fake Designer Sunglasses

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How can I make a splash at my next summer costume party with my fake designer sunglasses?

Will my fake designer sunglasses make a great accessory at my summer costume party?

Plenty of great characters and notable people have sported trademark sunglasses. At your summertime costume party, why not use your fake designer sunglasses to duplicate one of these popular looks? Girls can be an instant Audrey Hepburn with a pair of black oversized fake designer sunglasses and a little black dress – don’t forget your tiara and cigarette holder! Men can be an air force pilot like Tom Cruise in Top Gun by matching a pair of aviators with a mock military suit.

Want to be a little more contemporary or humorous? Girls can play a modern-day Britney Spears by pairing a pair of cheesy oversize sunglasses with disheveled hair, a midriff-baring top, and short shorts. Guys can be an instant Michael Jackson with a shoulder-length black wig, dark black sunglasses, and a colored satin button-down with dark black pants. Are you in a duo? Fake designer sunglasses can be used to create a couple’s costume of Kate Moss and Pete Doherty – she should be in skinny pencil jeans and he is a rocker tee and vintage hat, with both of you in aviator style sunglasses.

How can I avoid being a fashion disaster in my fake sunglasses?

Tips to avoid fake sunglasses faux pas.

We’ve all cringed as summertime fashion disasters passed us by on the boardwalk or beach. You know the girl – cheesy fake sunglasses that have improperly spelled logos that clearly scream “cheap ripoff”! Don’t be a fashion disaster and know what to look for when purchasing fake sunglasses.

  •  There is a big difference between fakes and imposters. Fakes often sport silly obviously bologna logos. Imposters, like those at ImposterCity, are discrete replicas that are indistinguishable from the real thing.
  •  Pick up a gossip tabloid and see what the stars are wearing. Duplicate their up-to-the-minute styles with a pair of trendy imposters.
  •  Make sure to pick up multiple pairs so that you can switch up your look. Real divas have multiple pairs of fake sunglasses to suit every mood and ensemble. Fashion disasters will stick to the same pair all summer, but fashionistas know how to mix it up.

Do fake Ray-Bans make a good gift for a military buddy?

Will my military friend like a pair of fake Ray-Bans?

fake designer sunglasses

Ray-Bans have a longstanding history amongst military personnel as the top style for sunglasses. Aviators got their start with World War Two era air force pilots, and military men to this day love this retro look. Make your military friend happy with a gift of fake Ray-Bans. He’ll be the envy of the rest of his platoon with these tough-guy shades. Is your guy just a military man wannabe? He’ll still love a pair of fake Ray-Bans during hunting or fishing trips.

Plastic hard framed fake Ray-Ban wayfarers will be perfect for any high activity man. Virtually shatterproof, these fun fakes are a great alternative to the pricier version. Since rugged and military guys tend to get in a lot of situations that could cause a potential sunglass disaster, so stick to plastic options that will stand up to the wear and tear caused by an active lifestyle. With imposters like these, none of their buddies will ever question whether or not they’re real Ray-Bans.

Do fake men’s designer sunglasses make a good father’s day gift?

Will dad like his fake men’s designer sunglasses?

Whether your dad is a refined golfer or a hard-hitting hunter, he’ll love a pair of fake men’s sunglasses. Pick up an inexpensive pair of imposters for this father’s day holiday – and since prices are so low, why not pick up a surprise pair of fake Chanel sunglasses for mom too? Here are some tips for shopping for fake men’s designer sunglasses for dad.

Does your dad have a suit and tie sort of job, or is he more blue-collar? Suit and tie dads will love to knock off Gucci sunglasses with sensible thin frames and polarized lenses for their work commute. Blue-collar dads will love plastic-framed sunglasses that will take them from the factory to after-work fishing. Does dad already wear a pair of sunglasses?

Consider buying him a great accessory like a hard case or neck cord. Athletic dads will love the convenience of a neck cord, which allows them to remove their sunglasses while still keeping them close by. Does your dad have a sense of humor? Since prices are so low, why not buy him a pair of oversized J Lo style rhinestone sunglasses and wrapping them up as a gift? After your dad has a good laugh, you can give him his actual pair, and then keep the gag pair for yourself or your special lady.

Will little girls love a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses for dress-up parties?

Would my young daughter like a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses for dress-up?

You’re never too young for high fashion! Little girls will love a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses for when they play dress-up with their friends. Buying a pair of authentic Chanel sunglasses for a child would be foolish, so why not pick up a pair of great imposters? Prices are so low that you can afford to buy multiple pairs for when they have sleepovers or birthday parties.

When purchasing a pair of fake Chanel sunglasses for a little girl, stick to fun colors and rhinestones. Little girls love anything pink or sparkly, so keep that in mind during your next purchase. These plastic-framed sunglasses are sturdy and unlikely to be broken – not to mention super fashionable – so mom can always swipe the sunglasses for her own personal wear when her daughter gets sick of them. Since these classic styles stand the test of time, there is a good chance that your little daughter will continue to wear her prized fake Chanel sunglasses well into her teen years.

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