How to avoid Knock-off Sunglasses

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How do I get the hip-hop look with my knock-off sunglasses?

Can I achieve a hip-hop look with my knock-off sunglasses?

Hip hop stars like Diddy and Jennifer Lopez have used sunglasses to achieve a trendy hip hop look for years. Knock-off sunglasses will help you get the hip-hop look if you know what styles to look for. Hip hop stars are never afraid to make a bold statement, so neither should you. Embellishments, rhinestones, and bold colored frames will let everyone around you know that you truly are a hip-hop god or goddess. The bigger the better when it comes to hip-hop-style knock-off sunglasses, so even men can experiment with oversized frames.

Girls who want a hip-hop look should coordinate their knock-off sunglasses with funky scarves and gold jewelry. A hip-hop princess knows when enough is enough though, so avoid going too over the top with studded sunglasses and jewelry. Men should try wayfarer or aviator styles, pairing them with sports jerseys and headbands. You’ll be the life of your next hip-hop party if you invest in some knock-off sunglasses that really make a fun statement.

Can I get a supermodel look with Christian Dior sunglasses knockoffs?

Will Christian Dior’s sunglasses knockoffs help me achieve the supermodel look?

knock-off sunglasses

Supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Tyra Banks love designer Christian Dior for his up-to-the-minute styles and fashionable accessories. But what about for the wannabe supermodel girl next door living in Ohio? Can she get the supermodel look with a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses knockoffs even if she’s miles away from Paris or New York? Here are some tips to achieving the supermodel look with your Christian Dior sunglasses knockoffs.

A top model like Tyra Banks would never be caught dead in a pair of simple or understated shades. Go for supermodel style with a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses knockoffs that are oversized or studded.
Supermodels love simple black dresses that let their accessories do all the talking. Try a little black dress with a pair of fun earrings and a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses that really make a statement.
Supermodels are always traveling around the world for photoshoots, and can often start to look a bit sleepy. Hide tired eyes with a pair of Christian Dior sunglasses that have super dark lenses.

How can I get the pop star look with my Gucci sunglass knockoffs?

Will I pass for a pop super starlet with my Gucci sunglass knockoffs?

Pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera know how to make an entrance with their styling shades. Gucci is the designer of choice for these singing starlets, and a pair of Gucci sunglass knockoffs will turn you into a pop diva a la Mandy Moore instantly. These pop tarts know how to be in command with their fashion, and even if you can’t afford the most expensive shades in the biz, you can still get this banging look.

Gucci sunglass knockoffs should be paired with the right wardrobe and accessories if you really want the pop star look. Try a pair of low rider jeans and a brightly colored cute tank top for the diva look. Your Gucci sunglass knockoffs should be studded and sequined, and fun colors like pink or aqua will really make this look pop. Remember that a pop diva whose worth her album will always have the latest flavored lip gloss to match her fun shades, so don’t forget to put some on before you leave the house.

Should I buy my boyfriend a pair of men’s designer knockoff sunglasses?

Will my special guy like men’s designer knockoff sunglasses?

Let’s face it ladies – our men can be pretty hard to shop for! But your guy is sure to love a pair of men’s designer knock-off sunglasses when he hits the beach this summer for a game of beach volleyball or some fun in the sun. Whether windsurfing or just catching some rays, all guys love a great pair of shades. But which designer-inspired style is right for your man? Hipster or metro guys will like big-name designers like Gucci or Prada, while rugged or athletic guys will like the old classic Ray-Ban.

Afraid your guy will damage his new men’s designer knockoff sunglasses during his summertime fun? At retailers like ImposterCity, the prices are so low that you can afford to buy him multiple pairs in case his initial set breaks. Or, consider buying him a stylish neck cord so that he can hang on to his prized sunglasses during games of volleyball or water skiing. If you guys are hitting the surf together, consider investing in a protective stylish hard case. That way you can quickly stash them in your purse when he abandons them to hit the waves.

How can I get the Sex and the City look with my knock-off Chanel sunglasses?

Can I wear my knock-off Chanel sunglasses for the Sex and the City look?

What woman doesn’t want to look like her favorite character on Sex and the City? Whether you’re a Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, or Samantha, a pair of knock-off Chanel sunglasses will help you to get the cosmopolitan look. Those gals would spend thousands of dollars on their outfits and accessories (not to mention what Carrie spent on shoes! Oh boy!), but you can get the look with a pair of fabulous faux knock-off Chanel sunglasses.

Do like a Sex and the City gal and coordinate your knock-off Chanel sunglasses with the rest of your chic ensemble. Try a simple sundress with heels like Sarah Jessica Parker, or be over the top like Kim Cattrall with a daring midriff-baring top and mini skirt. Are you a tamer like Kristen Davis? Be like her character Charlotte and try a style that is a tribute to old movie stars like Elizabeth Taylor – a vintage dress with a pair of dark oversized knock-off Chanel sunglasses will give you the New York City glamour you seek.

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