Clever Kids Sunglasses shopping tips

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What should I look for when purchasing kids’ sunglasses for my very young child?

What styles of kids’ sunglasses suit a toddler?

It would be silly to slather your toddler in a high SPF sunscreen but not take measures to protect their eyes against UV rays. Styles of kids sunglasses for toddlers are an important investment for protecting the optical health of your very young child. While many vision problems are indeed genetic, there is evidence that early damage by harmful UV rays can also cause problems for a child’s vision later in life. Don’t let your child be at risk – invest in a pair of kids’ sunglasses for him or her as young as two years old.

Worried that your child won’t keep their kid’s sunglasses on their head? Neck cords and wrap-around bands are a great option to make sure that your toddler keeps their sunglasses where they belong, on their face. Toddlers may reject the idea at first, but if they consistently see the adults around them making an effort to protect their own eyes with sunglasses, they will be eager to duplicate the behaviors they see from nearby grown-ups.

Will my son or daughter break their new pair of children’s sunglasses?

Shouldn’t I worry about my child harming their sunglasses?

Most kids definitely have bull-in-a-china-shop syndrome; as soon as they are given a new accessory or toy, they are usually quite likely to destroy it. When purchasing children’s sunglasses for your son or daughter, stick to plastic frames and hard lenses to prevent a potential accident or breakage. Children are undoubtedly clumsy, but manufacturers have considered this when producing children’s sunglasses. Most are scratch-proof and virtually indestructible.

Be sure to invest in a pair of break-proof plastic children’s sunglasses like the ones described, but always make sure that the lenses have strong UV protection. However, you should never purchase expensive or designer children’s sunglasses for your child. Imposter children sunglasses are a wonderful option as they are inexpensive, ensuring that you won’t be out of any money should your child lose their new shades or snap one of the stems off.

What are the popular styles of sunglasses for kids?

What are the cool trends for kids’ sunglasses?

If you’re buying a pair of inexpensive plastic sunglasses for your child, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice style for UV protection and break-proof structure. These plastic sunglasses for kids come in an array of fun neon colors and often have fun designs and embellishments. Little girls love sunglasses that sport drawings of Disney princesses or sparkly rhinestones. Worried about glittery studs or jewels falling off of the sunglasses frames? Buy multiple pairs of imposters so that you can switch out a new pair for the damaged one before your daughter notices the difference.

Little boys may want aviator-style sunglasses for kids to duplicate their favorite action heroes, but try to discourage this desire. Metal frames are an unwise choice for accident-prone little boys, and shouldn’t be allowed until your son has reached the age of eleven. Instead, try to sell them on a pair of all-black plastic sunglasses with dark lenses. Tell them that this is the “secret spy” or “superhero” look. Most little boys will be happy just to have a pair of sunglasses for kids that have very black, mysterious dark lenses.

Should I invest in adult or children’s sunglasses for my tween?

Is my tween grown up enough to have adult sunglasses?

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“Tween” is a term used to describe girls from the age of 9-12 – “tween”, as in between childhood and adolescence. This can be a troublesome age for parents, as these little girls are growing up fast and eager to duplicate the behaviors and styles that they see on Hollywood starlets. So when it comes to summertime sunglasses, are children’s sunglasses appropriate, or is it time to move up to an adult pair of shades?

Most parents should base this decision on first and foremost their daughter’s face shape. Many tween girls will have the desire to wear adult sunglasses, but it is best to stick to children’s glasses if their face hasn’t caught up to their minds in terms of growth. Many children’s sunglasses have fun sequins and embellishments, so try to sell your tween daughter on them for that reason. Should she complain that they are too “baby-ish”, seek out a pair of simple pink or aqua-colored frames? Many tween girls will not complain about a difference between child and adult styles unless they have been informed that their new outfit or accessory is in fact made for children.

Can I purchase kids’ sunglasses wholesale for party favors?

Are kids’ wholesale sunglasses a hit at parties?

Many mothers want to make their children’s summertime parties a memory that their son or daughter will remember for their entire life. Purchasing kids’ sunglasses wholesale is a great way to obtain some wonderful party favors for a low, low price. Hand out the kids’ sunglasses at the beginning of the party. Other parents will be thankful for this gift since it will protect their child’s eyes during the sunny party ahead. Some things to remember when purchasing kids sunglasses wholesale are –

Am I getting the best price? What would these glasses have cost otherwise? Are they unisex? Do I need to have separate glasses for the mixture of boys and girls attending this party? If I have leftovers, will they be useful in years to come? Will they be useful for my other children? Could I sell the remaining sunglasses on internet auction sites or rummage sales? By following these guidelines, you will certainly find your way to great party favors for your child’s summertime party. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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