Matrix 4 sunglasses

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The Story behind the Matrix 4 Sunglasses

It is not easy to discuss about the future since nobody can really determine it. As people continuously experience disharmony of information from different directions, anxiety creeps all over as the inquiry ceases. Dimly, people become conscious of some changes. However, fissures separate them from the past which appears more philosophical than they dare acknowledge. There is no time for stopping and checking whatever outcome it can give. It is because people are living in a matrix of data, without pattern, without context, disconnected from the past, unsettling and rootless. Traditional markers fade fast and current data are hardly discernible on the horizon of events. Whether people admit it or not, they are traveling into the world of matrix.

In the fictional society (dystopia), the earth is depicted as a place conquered by responsive machines. This place is characterized normally by tyrannical social controls such as totalitarian or authoritarian government. Humans grow in pods. Cybernetic implants connect people to the matrix (artificial reality), keeping their minds in control while these machines uses thermal energy and bioelectricity as the body’s energy source.

Popular Matrix 4 Sunglasses

The world of virtual reality is simulated through the matrix which resembles the 21st century of human civilization. This period was selected since it’s supposedly the peak of human civilization. The franchise of the matrix games and films all happens in an immense unnamed megacity, which is not likely the sole city in the matrix. The reality is not practically distinguishable, the humans who are primarily connected with the matrix are never aware of its real nature. Most of the matrix main characters know that the world is not true. So, the laws of physical simulation can be partially bended to execute superhuman feats.

The matrix is a very exciting movie with thrilling sequels. But asking movie goers what they love about it, they would probably reveal the amazing cinematography, remarkable stunts, good science fiction, and they would not miss describing cool characters with cool outfits and cool sunglasses.

The sunglasses used in the matrix film really made a big difference on the characters. For example, in the case of the upgraded Agent Smith, the shapes of his sunglasses are adjusted to fit his face perfectly. Matrix 4 sunglasses add excitement and appeal on the aura of the characters. It makes some characters look 4 or 5 years older, slightly thinner, and make their hairlines appear different.

The eyewear designers have met lots of obstacles with the sunglasses that must be worn by the characters. They have tried brands like Gucci and the outcome was good. This gives them great ideas to design matrix sunglasses that would fit each character perfectly. So, after making all the samples, they let every character choose what they like.

neo III matrix 4 sunglasses

But the problem was the factory that will make the prototypes. Keep in mind that prototyping is different from manufacturing. Luckily, the plan was made ahead of time. So, searching for the manufacturer was made in different countries including Hong Kong and France. But the conflicts remain. It includes communication barriers since the manufacturer does not speak their language, do not care about the matrix although they find it as a good idea, and they wanted to make technology advancements on the things they never manufactured before.

Manufacturers produce four million sunglasses in one processing because they do not want to gamble producing twenty pairs, thirty pairs, or forty pairs of sunglasses just for the sake of the matrix film. Moreover, convincing the studio to pay the money on making the prototypes is very hard. Some people would prefer to explore sunglass huts to find one. So, in the end the designer made all the matrix sunglasses in his own company finding the right people who are willing to do it for him.

The making of the matrix sunglasses is worth it, it pays the price in the end. Today, matrix replica sunglasses are widely available in the market. It includes the sunglasses of Agent Smith, Morpheus, Neo, Niobe, and Seraph. Both Matrix I and Matrix Reloaded replica sunglasses are easily accessible. People can feel what it feels like to wear one of the characters cool sunglasses. Be in world of matrix and experience the same thrilling experience.

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