Men’s Cool Sunglasses

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Men’s Reasons for Wearing and Finding the Right Cool Sunglasses

Wearing cool sunglasses is more than just a fashion. Basically, people wear sunglasses for two reasons. The first is for convenience’s sake. Walking under the sun with bright rays on your face can make your vision very uncomfortable. The dark lenses of the sunglasses help in blocking the bright light making the surroundings appear darker. The second is for protection purposes. Prolong exposure of your eyes to ultraviolet (UV) rays is harmful. It is the major cause of eye cancer and eyesight loss. Good sunglasses can protect your eyes from this condition because of their ability to filter out a significant amount of harmful ultraviolet rays.

men's cool sunglassesSunglasses work in simple ways. It creates an optical illusion for making bright surroundings seem darker through the lens’s darkening effects. This helps a person prevent frequent squinting or have headaches due to bright sunlight. It filters out UV rays. Ultraviolet rays are usually light waves with high frequency. Special chemicals are used to coat the lenses of the sunglasses to reflect away ultraviolet rays but allow the passing of good light. So, the chemical structure is built to reflect the light’s higher frequency and let lights with lower frequency pass through. Scientific procedures are incorporated and the materials used are expensive.

Men’s Cool Sunglasses

Some complex sunglasses known as prescription sunglasses do not only protect the eyes from UV rays and light but also acts as normal glasses that correct a person’s eyesight. Although the process is somewhat complicated, the combination of three features in one sunglass is very effective. A sunglass that protects you from UV rays, from bright sunlight, and corrects your vision.

When talking about fashion, sunglasses are really cool. Normally, most men are hooked on it. They just want to look great wearing their sunglasses. Compared to other things they have such as a lucky tie, a baseball cap, or their newest golf shirt, sunglasses make them feel good and comfortable too.

After all, it is not good if they buy the wrong sunglass. It will make them feel frustrated and uncomfortable. They have no choice but to wear that expensive item. Later on, you feel terrible. Men should avoid making this mistake. They must look and feel great in their sunglasses each time they wear them.

Purchasing sunglasses also have guidelines. Men should know about it. The size and shape of sunglasses should match their faces. This is the basic secret when buying one. It is just like buying a pair of slacks. It must perfectly fit with the legs to look great.

1. Size. This is the first feature men should look for in sunglasses. Men having smaller faces should also wear sunglasses with smaller sizes. Men with large faces should wear larger sports sunglasses. But sometimes fashion trends dictate otherwise. But the choice depends on them. For example, the latest oversized fashion. Some men are following this latest obsession. Cool sunglasses with wrap-around shields are perfect for them.

2. Matching. Sunglasses should match the face and reveal the best features of the wearer. Never forget that it must perfectly accentuate everything. Shades with neutral color are ideal in making their assets shines through. It can also be used for hiding features that don’t look best such as baldness. High temples big sunglasses are better for men having long noses.

3. Shape. This is the most difficult characteristics of sunglasses to find. But it is recommended not to match the shape of sunglasses on the type of faces they have. A different shape can be preferred. Take for instance; square faces need frames with oval or round shapes to provide definition and reduce the angles; square or rectangular lenses are perfect for round faces; any shape of sunglasses can suit oval faces best; oblong faces must stay away from frames that cover the biggest portion of the face.

4. Brand. The choice depends upon the wearer. There are lots of popularly known brands in the market. Among the top brands, most men preferred include Oakley Whisker, Ray-Ban Classic Aviator, Ray-Ban Rectangle Aviator, Fossil Mondo, Fossil Ben, and Julbo Mix Y Sunglasses. Make sure that you do comparisons.

Searching for the best pair of sunglasses is not difficult at all if you follow these guidelines. It simply requires basic knowledge and patience to find the right one.

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