Captivating Polarized Sunglasses

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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses can incredibly provide clear vision that is free from glares. Pilots were the first wearers of polarized sunglasses. They are able to see even when the sun is shining from different spots during daytime. Today, most people prefer wearing polarized sunglasses when fishing, golfing, and driving.

Polarized sunglasses suit people who are driving a lot during daytime. It keeps the sunlight from becoming very distracting. They will feel less tired. Headaches can be minimized during long trips. It makes driving cars or boats safer and enhances outdoor performances.

polarized sunglassesFishermen can see more clearly through the waters when they wear polarized sunglasses. Even without sunlight, polarized sunglasses can deflect off the water. Visibility can be still achieved beyond the water surface. It is important to see through the water when fishing to determine if the area is infested with fish and other sea creatures. Polarized sunglasses are also helpful when boating. Boaters can protect their boats from sharp rocks underneath the water.

The sensitivity of the human eye to polarization is very weak especially without intervening filters. A very dim pattern is created by the polarized light near the visual field centers known as Haidinger’s brush. It is not easy to see this pattern unless a person knows how to detect polarized lights with his or her naked eyes.

Polarization can be observed through scattering when the light passes via the atmosphere. This scattered light creates the color and brightness in a clear sky. Once this scattered light is subjected to partial polarization, it can increase the contrast in such a way that darkening of the sky in a photograph is possible. During sunset, this effect is easily observed from the horizon angling 90 degrees from the setting sun. The brightness of the clouds and sky are drastically reduced. This is the reason why polarization filters are utilized in sunglasses. Other visible objects through polarized sunglasses include rainbow producing things caused by birefringent effects such as toughened glass of car windows and transparent plastics.

Transparent shiny materials reflect off either fully or partially polarized lights except for normal lights (lights that are perpendicular to the surface). Polarizing filters such as polarizing sunglasses can be utilized to view this phenomenon through filter rotation while viewing. The reflected lights can be eliminated or reduced at specific angles. Polarizing filters can remove polarized lights 90 degrees from the axis of polarization filters. Thus, lights cannot pass through two pieces of polarizer placed on top of one another at an angle of 90 degrees.

Polarized sunglasses cost less expensive and are widely available in different colors and styles. In fact, most sunglass stores are selling polarized sunglasses. Before, the lenses of polarized sunglasses are only yellow. Most people somehow preferred clear tinted lenses. Those who enjoy activities such as hunting, outdoor sports, and hiking can avail the advantage of these sunglasses.

Another featured characteristic of polarized sunglasses is the weight. It is very lightweight but provides excellent coverage as well as protection from dust, glare, and wind. Reflected lights from surfaces such as smooth water or flat roads are horizontally polarized. These polarized lights are blocked by the lenses vertical oriented polarizer, therefore reducing the annoying and dangerous glare.

Some issues are argued regarding the effects of polarized sunglasses on the surfaces that are covered with snow. Some experts claim that it reduces intense glare caused by reflected sunlight. Others profess that it does not satisfactorily fit downhill skiing since it cannot provide the needed contrast for distinguishing moguls and ice patches.

Moreover, polarized sunglasses may also adversely react with LCDs (liquid crystal displays) commonly found on some car’s dashboards or ATMs (automatic teller machine) digital screens. At some angles, polarized lenses can never see LCDs clearly because it appears invisible.

However, for other sports and activities, polarized sunglasses can offer great advantages. Whether a person spends his or her time water skiing, boating, mountain biking, in-line skating, jogging, or driving, polarized sunglasses suit him or her best.

And today, many types of polarized lenses are available on the market. Sports aficionados with presbyopia can use polarized progressive sunglasses or polarized photochromic sunglasses. The latter is good for people who frequently change their environments (indoor to outdoor or vice versa).

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