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The Importance of Unisex Sunglasses in the Lives of Men and Women

Summer is considered as having the best weather of all. The most common yet the most fashionable gadget every summer? cool unisex sunglasses. Most men and women love every activity done in summer. Strolling in the park, having picnics, going fishing, and swimming are among the most popular activities to do. Besides enjoying these moments, men and women also think of their safety. They use sunscreen for protecting their skin from the scorching sun, wear hats or caps, or use umbrellas. And they do not forget the most common yet the most fashionable gadget every summer, cool unisex sunglasses.

Sunglasses are very important so that the eyes are protected from the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. The same rays that cause skin damage and increase the risk of eye problems including cataracts, a clouding condition of the eye lenses. Prolong beach or snow exposures without sunglasses develops photokeratitis or the cornea’s reversible sunburn. This condition is painful and results in the inability to see temporarily. The UV radiation exposures are increased if the sunlight reflects off water, sand, and snow. UV rays are highly invisible energy rays located ahead of the violet ends of visible light spectrums.

Anybody regardless of sex can be affected by UV rays. Thus, the condition of their eyes is at risk of possible damage. It is advisable not to stay under the sun between ten in the morning until four in the afternoon.

cool unisex sunglasses

There are two divisions of UV radiation, UVB and UVA. If you choose unisex sunglasses, then they must block both types. Never assume that expensive unisex sunglasses or those with darker tints protect you from UV radiation. In general, look for unisex sunglasses providing 99% to 100% UV protection. It is also recommended that unisex sunglasses must be tested by an eye care provider to determine the level of ultraviolet ray’s protection.

Unisex sunglasses must be adequately dark for reducing glares but seeing colors should not be distorted and affect traffic signals recognition. However, it is your choice to select the tints that you wanted. To perceive color the best, PBA (Prevent Blindness America) an organization of volunteers dedicated to saving sight and fighting blindness recommends tints such as green, brown, amber, or neutral gray. They also advise men and women wearing UV-protected contact lenses to wear unisex sunglasses for added protection.

Children whether a girl or a boy is also advised to wear unisex sunglasses with UV protection instead of toy sunglasses. Lenses that are polycarbonate are recommended because of their shatter-resistant ability.

Men and women should also learn that wearing unisex sunglasses minimizes eye damage due to prolonged sun exposure, but it does not eliminate it. According to some eye specialists, even using 100% UV protection unisex sunglasses never protects your eyes 100%. Some lights which penetrate from the sides of unisex sunglasses are still reflected into the eyes. Wrap-around unisex sunglasses are the best option. Using hats with a three-inch brim can also block sunlight from overhead.

The CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) section of the FDA (Food and Drug Authority) regulates unisex sunglasses without prescriptions and can be purchased as OTC (over-the-counter) medical devices. Normally, sunglasses are exempted from the pre-market notification processes of the FDA. But manufacturers who claim that their manufactured unisex sunglasses prevent health problems are required by the FDA to submit proofs. The FDA’s allowed claims for unisex sunglasses are; it reduces eye fatigue or eye strain due to glare.

Although unisex sunglasses are exempted from pre-market notification, they should strictly follow several regulations. FDA’s regulated unisex sunglasses should comply with initial requirements such as impact resistance. It does not necessarily mean that unisex sunglasses are shatterproof. However, it can survive moderate impacts. Unisex sunglasses must never be used as protective gear in high-impact sports.

Unisex sunglasses manufacturers should also follow the labeling regulations of the FDA. They can be issued with warning letters if their unisex sunglasses receive unproven performance claims associated with UV protection and others.

Unisex sunglasses are widely available on the internet. Choose reputable online stores to ensure that the sunglasses are UV protected. Read consumer reviews and forums to know the best brand of unisex sunglasses. Keep in mind that wearing sunglasses is not only for the sake of fashion but to serve a higher purpose, protecting your eyes.

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